Note the Vibrati Punk Console kits are no longer available - these pages are kept for reference and interest. You can find the schematics and source code in these documents, but the PCB designs are not currently public.

Build Step 7 - Connect the Speaker

Cut the grey wire provided in half to make two lengths. These are used to connect the speaker. Strip about 5mm of insulation off each end of wires. You can strip the wire using a special wire stripping tool, or by gently scoring the insulation with a sharp knife and pulling the end off. Once you’ve stripped the wire twist the ends neatly.

Once you’ve stripped the insulation, solder one end of each wire to the tags provided on the back of the speaker. Thread the stripped wire through the hole in the tag and fold the end of the wire over to make a mechanical join. Apply solder in the same way you did for soldering components to the circuit board.

Now attach the other ends of the wires to the circuit board. There are two holes labelled “SPEAKER” at one end of the board where these wires connect. Thread the end of the wire through the board from the component side so that the insulation rests on the board. Solder the wire in place like a component lead.

NOTE: In situations where there are multiple speakers it is necessary to observe the polarity of the speaker in order to get the correct sound. As we only have one speaker for this project the leads can be connected either way round.

Speaker Wiring

After Step 7

Step 6
Step 8 - Connect the Battery Clip and Switch