Note the Vibrati Punk Console kits are no longer available - these pages are kept for reference and interest. You can find the schematics and source code in these documents, but the PCB designs are not currently public.

Build Step 10 - Inserting the Integrated Circuits (ICs)

In this step we’ll take the two Integrated Circuits (ICs) and insert them in to the sockets on the board. To get the ICs in to the sockets you’ll probably need to bend the pins so they are at right-angles to the body. To do this use a pair of small pliers or carefully bend the pins against a flat surface by holding the body and pressing the pins in to position.

Align the IC with the socket and make sure that the notch or dot at one end of the IC corresponds to the notch in the socket. Make sure all the IC pins are over the slots in the socket. When everything is in position, press the IC down firmly in to the socket. Check that all the pins are nicely in the socket.

Integrated Circuit





8 Pin



14 Pin

After Step 10

Step 9
Step 11 - Turning On and Testing