A feast of electronic fun, education and diversions.

Interactive Electronic Circuit Simulator

Circuit JS example
A tool that simulates electronic circuits in the browser. Unlike many other circuit simulators it's highly interactive giving the feeling of playing with real components on breadboard. It's very helpful for experimentation and visualization. Best of all, thanks to the power of HTML5, no plug-ins are required.

Main Projects, Courses and Activities

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Appybird - 2024

Appybird - Another mechanical arcade machine for EMF Camp.

Serial Monitor

Serial Monitor - 2022

Using the EMF Camp 2014 Tilda Mke badge to build a tool to monitor serial traffic.

Microvitec Cub

Microvitec Cub Repair Tools - 2022

Some tools that I've developed to help when working on the classic Microvitec Cub CRT monitor. Tools include a video pattern generator based on the Pi Pico.

Lunar Lander Mk2

Lunar Lander Mk2 - 2022

Lunar Lander Mk 2 - A mechanical arcade machine inspired by the classic game.

BBC Micro Owl

BBC Micro Emulation - 2022

A desire for a BBC Micro Emulator that I really liked turned out to be quite a quest.

Rock Drill 4069

Rock Drill 4069 - 2016

The Rock Drill 4069 is a touch controlled synthesizer built around using a standard 1980s logic chip in a very non-standard way! This simple circuit creates an amazing variety of sounds.

Casio PT-82 Hack

Casio PT-82 Synth Hack - 2013

A synthesizer built by modifying a Casio PT-82 8 bit keyboard.

In this project the LushOne board is used to provide external filter, oscillator and LFO functions.

Treasure Chest Synth

Treasure Chest Synth - 2013

A synthesizer built in a miniature treasure chest. What could be nicer?

A project that takes advantage of the compact design of the LushOne.

LushOne System Thumbnail

LushOne Modular Synth - 2013+

The LushOne System is a low cost modular synthesizer that was originally sold as kits. The LushOne offers all the essential modular synthesizer components in a compact package. Extensive documentation is provided to help both new and experienced users. Great for both learning and music making.

Vibrati Punk Console Logo

Vibrati Punk Console - 2011

The Vibrati Punk Console is a fun electronic sound and music kit suitable for beginners and more experienced builders. It is an evolution of the common Atari Punk Console with an added Low Frequency Oscillator to give a richer range of sounds.


Personal Electronic Retro Telegram (P.E.R.T.) - 2011

A quirky, retro easter present for my lovely girlfriend based on a 1970s HP LED display.
Electronics for Artists

Electronics for Artists - 2010 and 2019

A weekend hands-on workshop covering basic electronics and Arduino. Fun projects that teach practical skills that can be used to build interactive installations. Suitable for those with no past experience.
Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner for a Blind User - 2010

A modified guitar tuner for a friend. Provides audible indication of the tuning.
Electronics for Absolute beginners

Electronics for Absolute Beginners - 2010

A one-day electronics course with lots of  fun projects. Intended to get newcomers interested and enthusiastic and capable to go off and make their own discoveries.
Video Bend

Video Circuit Bending - 2009

Making innocent video equipment do stuff it was never meant to.
Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander - 2009

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the moon landings comes Lunar Lander.

A video game without the video

Starring Emma Freud as mission control
Atari Punk Console

Atari Punk Console - 2009

A nice little circuit to teach circuit assembly skills and have fun with basic electronics.

For a kit which enhances the Atari Punk Console and uses a printed circuit board for easier construction try the Vibrati Punk Console.

Honkatron - 2008

The honkatron is a circuit bending project.
Cyclepong 2

Cyclepong 2.0 - 2008

Cyclepong 2.0 is my first arcade machine. It's the classic game Pong played with exercise bikes. As featured in lots of blogs and with it's own cult following.

Cyclepong version 1 - 2007/8

Cycles + Pong = Cyclepong.

Updating the classic arcade game Pong.
Tape hack

Tape Hack - 2007

Hacking an 80s icon for interesting audio impact.
Chill Rucksack

Chill Rucksack - 2007

A simple hack to use EL-wire to do signwriting on a rucksack for Big Chill 2007.
Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice - 2006

How to build a six-axis 3D controller to compete with Sony and Nintendo out of old computer mice.

Mazda Bongo

A very simple DIY kitchen unit to fit in the rear of a Mazda Bongo. Also available in PDF.

Also here Mazda Bongo schematics and parts database.

Hat Hack - 2005/6

Essential wear for the summer festival season.

As featured in Hackaday, Engadget, Make blog and Top 5 Strangest Pong Creations on TechEBlog (only made it in to number 5 sadly).

Mac-ITX - 2004

My old Mac SE/30 modified to use a mini-ITX motherboard. A very stealthy mod. As documented on mini-itx.com and featured in Wired and boing boing.
Quiet Tivo

A silent tivo (not)  

An attempt to modify my UK series 1 Tivo to allow the fan to be removed. Unfortunately didn't really work.