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  • Houston we have a problem

    Posted on September 27th, 2009 Iain No comments

    Just like the real moon rockets – Lunar Lander is a complicated machine and things are apt to go wrong. I took a trip over to Southwold to fix tangled fishing line and what appeared to be worn-out servo motors. Tangles were fixed easily enough, but even with new motors the lander was shaking all over the place when it shouldn’t be. The problem is probably caused by repeated flexing on one of the wires breaking the internal conductors – need to investigate that.  Couldn’t properly diagnose the problem there, so ended up having to bring all the active parts back home.

    On the one hand it’s interesting to see how problems develop and understand how to fix them. The downside is that the round trip to Southwold is about 6 hours and I am not sure it’s a viable machine to have to far from home. Anybody know somewhere in Berkshire that needs a unique Lunar Lander acrade game?


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    • maybe we need to open somewhere? … we’ll need more than two machines clearly 🙂 … town centre has bags of unused space … hmmm … maybe annexed to a new argentine restaurant?!?

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