Build Step 8 - Connect the Battery Clip and Switch

To complete this step you will need the battery clip, red wire and switch. Take the battery clip and solder the red wire from the clip to one tag on the switch (use the same technique as you did for soldering to the speaker in Step 7). Conventionally in electronics red wiring is used to show the positive voltage and black wiring is used to show the negative voltage.

Strip the ends of the red wire and solder one end to the other tag on the switch.

In the corner of the circuit board you will find two holes labelled “POS” and “NEG”. Connect the other end of the red wire from the switch to the “POS” terminal and the end of the black wire coming from the battery clip to the “NEG” terminal (use the same technique as soldering the speaker leads to the circuit board in Step 7).

Switch Wiring

After Step 8

Step 7
Step 9 - Checking