Note the LushOne kits are no longer available - these pages are kept for reference and interest. You can find the schematics and source code in these documents, but the PCB designs are not currently public.

LushOne Front 

Build the LushOne

The LushOne is straightforward to build but it does have quite a high component count. It is recommended that you have some experience in building electronics before starting on this kit. The instructions show all the building steps but don't explain basic techniques like how to solder.

Build InstructionsThe LushOne build instructions are provided as a PDF file.

Laser cut LushOne case design

LushOne cased

With great thanks to Aaron at Oomlout we have a brilliant laser-cuttable case design for the LushOne. The case mounts the board securely and has a built-in battery box.

The design works with 3mm ply or acrylic. If you want a top-lid for the battery box you will need to cut two of the medium-sized round-rect pieces.

To help with assembly take a look at the LushOne Flickr set.

Mounting hardware requirements for the case are:
4 x M3 by 10mm machine screws and M3 nuts to hold the board
1 x M6 by 10mm bolt and an M6 nut to hold the back panel
6 x M6 by 40mm bolts and M6 nuts to hold the top and bottom
For an angled case you can substitute two of the M6 by 40mm bolts with M6 by 60mm to go in the rear corners.

LushOne case overview (PDF file).

LushOne laser cut case design (DXF file).

Technical information and source files

LushOne Block Diagram

The schematics, software source and parts list for the LushOne are made available for personal use or to allow you to make your own suggestions and improvements. Schematic source files are in KiCAD format. Software is built using WinAVR.

Be warned that the software is not very pretty or commented or generally helpful to read! I might fix it one day.

Schematic diagrams (PDF)

Schematic diagrams (KiCAD)

Software version 1 (WinAVR)

Software version 2 (WinAVR)

Use the LushOne