Vibrati Punk Console Kit - beginners stepped synth


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The Vibrati Punk Console electronics kit is for anyone wanting to learn to build electronics or for a a more experienced builder who wants a simple evening project. It is a great source of new sounds for musicians and artists wanting retro electronic bleeps . Kids and adults will have fun experimenting with the range of possible sounds. It's a nice project for anyone wanting to something for their tweenage children to "build with dad"(or mum).

The Vibrati Punk Console provides four controls which provide a rich range of warbles, squawks, buzzes, screams and tone sequences. The circuit is a "version 2.0" development of the original "Stepped Tone Generator" or "Atari Punk Console" designed by Forrest M. Mims III. In it's simplest mode the Vibrati Punk Console operates just like the Atari Punk Console and produces the same sounds. New effects are added using a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) which modulates the Atari Punk Console. This creates a much wider and dirtier range of sounds.

Quotes about the Vibrati Punk Console kit

"All in all a cracking little starter project"

"This quirky synth produces a wide variety of complex sounds and is a real blast to play around with" - Sound on Sound

"Very nicely done version!" - Forrest M. Mims III [Wow - thanks]

More information

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The kit has been designed so that even beginners can approach the project with confidence:

  • Larger than standard solder pads to make soldering easy
  • Comprehensive and well illustrated instructions
  • Clearly labelled circuit board to make sure you get the components in right
  • Through-hole construction for neatness and reliability
  • On-board mounting of control knobs so circuit can be used as-is or integrated in to a case of your choice
  • Build time is approximately 2 hours for inexperienced solderers
  • Many documented mods to extend your kit

Kit contents

  • Circuit board
  • Electronic components
  • Control knobs
  • Power switch, connectors, IC sockets

  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kg