Rock Drill 4069 Kit - Mean sounds at your fingertips


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The Rock Drill 4069 electronics kit is suitable for beginners or as a fun project for experts. The touch controlled synthesizer produces a range of menacing sounds. Special attention has been paid to give this a great visual design which captures the rawness of the sounds it produces.

The assembled kit does not include a speaker and provides sound to a 3.5mm stereo jack suitable for connection to PC speakers or similar.

Introductory discount: The first batch of Rock Drill 4069 kits are available at an introductory discounted price of £12.00. This batch has some small production tracking numbers printed on the front face but are fully functional and ready to go.

More information

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The kit should be approachable for beginners but does require soldering of two, large, surface mount parts. Tools required include a soldering iron, wire cutters and pliers. The kit contains all components excluding consumables like solder.

Kit contents

  • Circuit board with striking graphics and touch pads
  • All electronic components
  • CR2032 Button Battery (UK orders only. Postal restrictions mean international purchasers must obtain a suitable battery locally)
  • IC socket

  • Shipping Weight: 0.05kg