LushOne Contour kit - synth ADSR, VCA and Ring Mod


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LushOne Contour kit - synth ADSR, VCA and Ring Mod+LushOne Inca kit - synth signal processor, noise and joystick

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LushOne Base kit - low cost modular synth+LushOne Contour kit - synth ADSR, VCA and Ring Mod

The LushOne Contour kit is the perfect second module to add to a LushOne system. The LushOne Contour provides a range of features that allow the LushOne to create richer, more exciting, more natural and more extreme sounds.

The LushOne Contour kit continues the design principles of the LushOne base. A single board design is used to keep costs low. All effects in the LushOne are generated using analogue electronics to capture the real experience of old-school synthesizers.

The LushOne Contour provides:
  • Full Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release (ADSR) envelope generator
    • Generates a control voltage that changes according to the ADSR parameters as a note plays
    • Use to control the dynamic of a note creating more natural sounds
    • Use to control other circuits such as the filter on the LushOne base for more wild electronic sounds.
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
    • Modify the volume of a sound based on a control voltage. Provides tremolo and note contour effects.
    • The VCA is DC coupled and can also be used as a control voltage multiplier. By multiplying control voltages together all kinds of complex electronic sounds can be generated. Try combining two LFO control voltages in this mode!
  • Ring Modulator (RM)
    • The ring modulator provides a rich, complex sound that evokes famous analogue synthesizers of the past. Ring Modulation is most famously used to provide the voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen in the television series Doctor Who.
  • Utility Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) with square and triangle outputs
    • Ideal as a control voltage input to the VCA or ring modulator to provide periodic effects
    • Can also be used as a control voltage feed to any other LushOne CV input
  • Signal breakin/breakout
    • Connect the LushOne 2mm patch leads to phono/RCA sockets to allow easy interconnect to external systems
  • Single board design including all controls and connectors (except power-in) providing straightforward construction and neat presentation. A laser cut case is available that contains the LushOne base and the Contour or it can easily be housed in a project box.
  • Open-source access to schematics

More information

Click for more information, multimedia and build instructions.

The LushOne Contour kit contains a complete set of parts to build a LushOne Contour module including:

  • Circuit board (double sided 145mm x 75mm)
  • All electronic components
  • All external connectors
  • Power leads

Available online are:
  • Build instructions
  • Training materials to get the best from the LushOne Contour
  • Source-code and schematics

Note: The LushOne kit now comes with controls that have an integrated knurled knob. Separate knobs are no longer supplied with the kit.

Note: With the LushOne Contour many patches become possible. The kit does not include extra patch leads as we don't know how many you may use. Please order these separately or obtain locally.

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