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LushOne Base kit - low cost modular synth+LushOne Contour kit - synth ADSR, VCA and Ring Mod

Have you always wanted a modular synthesizer but never been willing to pay the price?

With the LushOne kit you can experience the strange, fun world of modular synthesizers without breaking the bank.

The idea for the LushOne occurred when I was thinking about buying a modular synth but couldn't bring myself to pay what they cost. I thought "wouldn't it be good if someone would make an equivalent a Sinclair computer for the modular synth world?". I tried to design a modular synth that stripped out all the costs while providing an instrument that is cheap and flexible to allow people to get started without a big commitment. The LushOne is the implementation of this vision.

The LushOne kit is designed to provide the core functions of a modular synthesizer in a low-cost single board design. The LushOne can be controlled from a MIDI keyboard or PC interface to allow you to play the instrument with equipment you already have. The LushOne can be interfaced to analog control voltages to allow you to play using alternative controllers like joysticks, optical or distance sensors. The signal paths between modules are routed with patch leads so you can combine the modules in different ways to create new effects or you can interconnect the LushOne with other external modules.

The built-in modules of the LushOne create classic sounds that are reminiscant of much-loved early synthesizers. On its own the kit is capable of some amazing effects. Analog controls allow you to "nail" the sound and fluidly interact with the instrument in ways that emulations don't permit.

The LushOne now ships with version 2 software which provides extra wave shapes, support for MIDI channel selection and other features.

More information

Click for more information, multimedia and build instructions.

The LushOne kit contains a complete set of parts to build a LushOne synthesizer including:

  • Circuit board (double sided 145mm x 75mm)
  • All electronic components - see parts list on the build page
  • Pre-programmed microcontroller with LushOne oscillator software
  • Three stackable 2mm patch leads or parts to make three leads
  • All external connectors
  • Battery leads
  • Power switch

Available online are:
  • Build instructions
  • Training materials to get the best from the LushOne
  • Source-code and schematics

Note: The LushOne kit now comes with controls that have an integrated knurled knob. Separate knobs are no longer supplied with the kit.

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