Nebulophone kit - stylus synth with wacky arpeggiator


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The Nebulophone designed by Bleep Labs is a beginner-friendly Arduino-based synthesizer kit with a stylus keyboard. It is easy to build and comes with a pre-programed microcontroller so you can start playing as soon as construction is finished. If you want to extend the Nebulophone's capabilities by changing its software then it can be reprogrammed using an Arduino.

Key features:

  • Light controlled analog low-pass filter with five adjustable LFO LED modes.
  • Six arpeggio modes with adjustable rate.
  • Portamento with three speed settings.
  • Infrared control of arp rate with other Andromeda Space Rocker and some Gieske devices.
  • Open-source Arduino code and hardware
  • Seven waveforms including two with dual, detuned oscillators.
  • Programmable sequencer to easily make your own arpeggios right on the Nebulophone.
  • Perfect tuning across six octaves.
  • White noise mode.
  • Adjustable temperament and key.
  • HYPERNOISE 30XX mode.

Note: The Nebulophone is currently shipping with different knobs from those shown in the photo above. All other details are the same.

We ship the Nebulophone kit from the UK for dispatch to UK and European (EU) destinations. By ordering from inside the EU you guarantee no tax will be added to the imports and will avoid shipping delays due to customs.

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Kit contains:

  • Circuit board
  • All electronic components
  • Preprogramed microcontroller with latest software
  • Battery holder and legs
  • Control knobs

  • Shipping Weight: 0.09kg