Bit Blob Jr kit


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Noise performers extraordinaire, The Loud Objects, and Dr. Bleep have teamed up to create the first being of pure noise! The Bit Blob is a digital noise maker that's controlled by connecting its contacts together, allowing you to bend your way through unlimited sonic madness. You can also connect LEDs, audio outputs, or other Bit Blobs between control pins! Based on the original limited edition Bit Blob we now present the Bit Blob Jr which creates an even madder range of sounds in a compact package.

Key features:
  • Huge range of evolving drones and noise loops.
  • Unique and fascinating control by wiring control pins together.
  • Pulse width control.
  • Internal speaker.
  • 3.5mm output jack.
  • Open-source AVR code and hardware

Iain says: I've built a lot of kits but this one has a very special fascination. It's beautiful, quirky and more than a bit mysterious.

Full construction details and source code are available on the Bleep Labs site. First-time solderers will also find the "Soldering Is Easy and Here's How to Do It" guide useful.

We have the Bit Blob Jr kit in the UK for dispatch to UK and European (EU) destinations. By ordering from inside the EU you guarantee no tax will be added to the imports and will avoid shipping delays due to customs.

Kit contains:
  • Circuit boards
  • All electronic components
  • Preprogramed microcontroller with latest software
  • Battery holder
  • Jumper leads

  • Shipping Weight: 0.09kg