Honkatron - 2008

Honkatron is a circuit bending project from a workshop run by Stu "ASMO" Smith at South Hill Park. It's based on a VTech toy phone - details on Stu's blog.

Technically the circuit bends used aren't rocket science. The circuit bending ethos isn't rooted in a bit theoretical understanding of electronics, but more in a practical, experimental and "mash up" based approach.

The horn used for the honkatron came from a Secret Santa at Dorkbot London. It looks and sounds great. Really makes the project stand out. The cigar box was left behind by the previous owner of a garage I used to use.
Inside the honkatron is not a pretty sight. It could be tidied up fairly easily, and I'll get round to it one day.

Honkatron interior
The honkatron was tested out with Stu's modular synth and analog sequencer. The honkatron also got played through my old tape hack.
Honkatron in use

An Orchestra of honking
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