Mazda Bongo Friendee Parts Pages

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The part numbers as shown on the schematics are for 2.5 TD Bongos up to Nov 97 only. Although many part numbers are the same after this date, some changed. The Fuel Pump is different for instance. If in any doubt, run your VIN in the second box down at and then use this list to help you navigate to the correct page and part number.

0900A Keys and Locks
1000B engine block and cylinder (Diesel) (01of02)
1000B engine block and cylinder (Diesel) (02of02)
1010B cylinder head cover(Diesel)
1030B cylinder block (Diesel)
1040B Sump and cover distribution mechanism (Diesel)
1100B Pistons and Crankshaft (Diesel)
1200B system valves (Diesel) (01of02)
1200B system valves (Diesel) (02of02)
1300B Inlet manifold (Diesel)
1310B Inlet manifold (nearside) (Diesel)
1311A Intercooler (Diesel)
1312A Turbocharger (Diesel)
1320B Injectors and fuel system (Diesel)
1321A Components fuel filter (Diesel)
1330B Air cleaner (Diesel)
1362A Fuel pump (Diesel)
1372A Corps Ltd and precipitator (Diesel)
1375A Vacuum pump (Diesel) (02of03)
1375A Vacuum pump (Diesel) (03of03)
1400B Oil pump and filter (Diesel)
1500B Cooling system (Diesel) (01of02)
1500B Cooling system (Diesel) (02of02)
1580B arm, roller and the belt (Diesel)
1800B Alternator engine (Diesel)
1830B Generator (Diesel)
1840BA Old Alternator (Diesel) (12V 2.2KW)
1850B Battery (Diesel)
1910B Automatic - transformer oil pump and piping (Diesel)
1920B Automatic - insecure and central management system (Diesel) (02of02)
1925A Automatic - regulating valve
1930A Automatic - adhesion and planetary gear transmission
1940A Automatic - control speed piston low friction and reverse
1950A Automatic - mechanical linkage system
1960A Automatic - set gaskets and seals
2500A Propshaft (4WD)
2505B Rear propshaft (4WD)
2510A Front leading shafts (4WD)
2600A Rear axle
2610A Rear brake mechanisms
2700A front differentials (4WD)
2710B Rear differentials
2800A Rear suspension (01of02)
2800A Rear suspension (02of02)
2810A Rear stabilizer
3200A steering wheel
3210A Steering column and shaft
3220A Power steering
3240B WTP (Diesel) (01of02)
3240B WTP (Diesel) (02of02)
3300B front axle (4WD)
3310A front brake
3400A The front suspension springs
3410A stabilizer attachment
3700A Tyres and jack
3900B Engine and transmission mounting (Diesel)
4000B exhaust system (Diesel) (01of02)
4160A Accelerator system (02of02)
4200B fuel (Diesel)
4210A Fuel filler flap release
4300B Pedals (automatic)
4340A Main brake cylinder and the brake
4360A Brake tubes (01of02)
4360A Brake tubes (02of02)
4370A ABS
4400A Parking brake
4500B Fuel tube (Diesel)
4600A Gear selector
5000A front bumper
5005A Grill
5010A Rear bumper
5030A Front windscreen molding
5040A Running rails
5100A Front headlamp key
5105A Front light cluster
5110A Rear light cluster (01of02)
5110A Rear light cluster (02of02)
5120A Lamp lighting of the plate
5125A Internal lamp
5130A Upper console electrics
5170A lining
5180A Scuttle
5230A Bonnet Release
5310A front plates
5320A Wing and wheel
5330A instrument panel
5340A Sidewall
5350A Rear panel
5360C Roof Panels
5370A Floor plan
5380A Plugs
5390A Misc fittings fitting
5500A instrument panel-equipment Meter
5540A Console
5560A Instrument panel and the fan
5570A Centre console
5580A Front air ducts
5700A Console (01of02)
5700A Console (02of02)
5730A Front seat mounting
5750A Rear seats
5755A Rear seat No. 2
5760A Rear-seat installation part
5791A Front seat-belts
5792A Rear belts
5795A Air bag
5800A Front door
5830A The front doors
5840A Front door-lining details
6100A Heating assembly
6110A Heater unit
6115A Components of a heater (01of02)
6115A Components of a heater (02of02)
6120A Heating components
6125A Rear heating components
6126A Rear heating components
6130A Air Conditioning (01of02)
6130A Air Conditioning (02of02)
6135A Air-tube cooling and laying
6140A Compressor Components (02of02)
6150A Heater matrix
6160A Rear heating connections
6180A Rear vents
6200A Sliding door
6230A Rear door meachanism
6300A Window fitting
6340A Glass (01of02)
6340A Glass (02of02)
6350A AFT
6600B Engine sensors and relays
6610A instrument panel, switches Combined
6611A Switches
6630A Body - relays and devices (01of03)
6630A Body - relays and devices (02of03)
6630A Body - relays and devices (03of03)
6635A Horn and door switches
6680A Radio equipment (01of07)
6680A Radio equipment (02of07)
6680A Radio equipment (03of07)
6680A Radio equipment (04of07)
6680A Radio equipment (05of07)
6680A Radio equipment (06of07)
6680A Radio equipment (07of07)
6682A Speakers
6700B front and rear entry (Diesel)
6701B engine and transmission control system (Diesel)
6702A instrument panel
6704A Wiring-harness (01of02)
6704A Wiring-harness (02of02)
6720A Washer front windshield wiper
6730A front windshield wiper
6750A Rear windshield wiper and washer
6800C lining
6820A Rear windows interior parts
6840A racks finish and lining the inside
6860A Floor-mats and pads
6870A Tools
6900A Sun visors and mirrors
6930A Warning panels and stickers
6940A Rear window details
7200A Sliding door assembly
7230A The rear door
7240A rear door-finishing and related details
7800A Spoilers and air (01of02)
7800A Spoilers and air (02of02)
KKKK Model Identification (01of04)
KKKK Model Identification (02of04)
KKKK Model Identification (03of04)
KKKK Model Identification (04of04)
LLLL (01of04)
LLLL (02of04)
LLLL (03of04)
LLLL (04of04)
PPPP Color code
XXXX engine, transmission and bodywork options